Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Insights with Analytics™, with our UK-based partner Focaldata, is a premier U.S. research agency using AI to upend the traditional research model.

We blend our expertise with our deep understanding of social, economic, and political research with more rigorous data to deliver trusted, actionable insights at unprecedented speed.

We don’t just analyze. We illuminate paths to success.

Insights with Analytics™ employs diverse, regulatory-compliant data collection techniques to
provide greater reliability with sampling and modeling. This innovative
approach, combined with insights from our expert data scientists, researchers,
and analysts, empowers leaders to make informed decisions swiftly.

Our technology platform allows us to provide the following services:

Daily and weekly longitudinal tracking and modeling to measure and forecast trends in brand reputation and public opinion

AI-driven focus groups capable of delivering thousands of in-depth, high-quality interviews at 10X the speed.

Real-time A/B testing of messaging for video, social media, speeches, etc.

Rapid representative sample survey within hours of being deployed into the field.

For political clients, the ability to sample “trust,” which provides for more accurate turnout models than traditional US polling methods.

Visualization tools and data downloads allow for faster analysis and delivery of strategic recommendations.


James Kanagasooriam
James KanagasooriamPresident
James boasts a rich career that spans investment banking, political strategy and cutting-edge data analytics. As a trusted advisor, he’s collaborated with major political parties, global business entities, and academic institutions, driving innovation and impactful strategies. His insights and visionary approach, including the conception of the “Red Wall” concept, have solidified his reputation as a leader in research and strategy.